Preserving & Sharing Family History in Fun & Modern Ways for BYU Family History Webinars

It's time for another BYU Family History Library Webinar.  This month I'll be presenting

Preserving Family History in Fun & Modern Ways Thursday, March 28th at 3 PM

Other Resources: CollectionaireCoupon Code: livs201950% DiscountExpires May 31st, 2019Doodly Special Feel free to let me know in the comments if you would like me to teach any of these products more step by step in a future webinar.

To learn more about the BYU Family History Webinar Series and for more information:
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River Heights 2nd Ward Fireside

RoosTech 2019 Class Resources

**If you liked my classes, I'd sure appreciate it if you would be willing to rate them on the RootsTech app.** Untangling the Knots in Your Family Tree
Resources: FamilySearch.orgFan Chartmobile appTree SweeperFamily Group Sheet & Research Log (PDF)Family Group Sheet & Research Log (Google Sheets/electronic)Ancestrymobile appMyHeritagemobile appFindMyPastmobile appRootsFinderRecord SeekOne Tab Extension
Sharing Family History in Fun & Modern Ways Power Hour

Nicole Dyer: Discovering Family History in Your Home
Jana Greenhalgh: Discovering Family History on the Road
Olivia's section: Adobe SparkEnwovenTwileDoodlySpecial PriceCollectionaireGoogle Photos Families Discovering Family History Together Power Hour


Olivia's section: Discovering Family History Amidst Your Crazy-busy Life Family & Personal HistoryJourneyQeepsakeACR (android) &  (iPhone)Marco PoloStoryWorthGenealogyFamilySearch Family Tree AppAncestry AppFindMyPast AppMyHeritage…

Spanish Fork Family Discovery Day - Resources from Liv's Classes

Thanks for coming to my classes today, I hope you got some useful ideas and techniques for moving forward with your family history.

Below are the slides and syllabuses from the 3 classes I taught today.  Let me know if you have questions or if you need any additional help.

I'd also love any constructive feedback on the classes, especially "Untangling the Knots in Your Family Tree," as I'm teaching that class at RootsTech later this month.  If you're willing to give me some feedback, please fill out this survey:

Untangling the Knots in Your Family Tree:

Preserving & Sharing Your Family History in Fun & Modern Ways:

Discovery ~ Gather ~ Connect: Is there an App for that?

Google Drive--Your All Inclusive Solution

Why it has taken me so long to get to Google Drive is a little baffling as it is one of my most used most relied upon helps in my busy life.  Perhaps it's because it has so much to offer that there ends up being a lot of information to compile into a simple blog post.  Google Drive has several products within the Drive itself, so we'll explore those deeper in other posts.  Today we'll focus on the Drive as a whole. The best thing with google is--as always-- it's free.  Drive was created years ago.  It's had a few name changes along the way, but it is basically a substitute or replacement for many of the tools and programs found in Microsoft Office.  When I first made the transition, I kept Microsoft on my computer, but now in the days of cloud computing, I literally never need anything other than what is available on Google Drive.

What problems does it solve?
Have you ever needed that project you've been working on, but--"snap"--it's on your comput…

It's that time of year...

One after another. There seems to be a huge influx of awesome opportunities to learn this time of year every year, it always gets me rejuvenated and excited to share and build my family tree.

Spanish Fork is hosting their annual Family Discovery Day which is always an amazing event.  I'll be teaching a few classes there and participating in all of the fun happenings.

Here's some info if you'd like to join me:

Everyday Family History for the Crazy-busy Life for BYU Family History Library Webinars

Here's the recorded webinar I taught through BYU Family History Library last week:

Here are the slides with live links from the webinar:

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks for attending!
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