21 Day Family Connections Experiment

what is it?Studies have shown that having stronger family connections, including a personal understanding of your family’s history, can lead to increased resilience, unity and self-confidence. In light of the current world situation with the Covid -19 pandemic, we, as a group of family historians, thought it would be an excellent time to do an informal study about how connecting with both living and deceased family memberscan contribute positively to our overall emotional health and mental well being. We’re not scientists, so this isn’t a scientific study, but we are interested in gathering data to show the results of an increased focus on family connections. These family connections come through family history activities which can be much more than charts and researching. Family history includes our living families, preserving our current lives, and connecting with family both living and deceased.Family history activities in this 21 DAY experience will go beyond traditional genealogi…

Post RootsTech: Keep RootsTech-ing

RootsTech was a complete success. I had such incredible opportunities to learn, network, share, and best of all meet new family and friends. The RootsTech team knocked it out of the park as usual. Bringing back the Tech Forum, the new features in the Expo Hall, the better-than-expected Keynotes, and the incredible customer service on all ends for presenters, ambassadors and attendees was unparalleled. I seriously don't think I can say a single thing I would try to improve--they did an amazing job!! 
So if you missed it, don't let it happen again!  Be there for RootsTech 2021--Feb 3-5th. I promise, you won't regret it.
That said, it doesn't have to be over until then. Keep RootsTech-ing with these helps:
RootsTech has a library of free recorded classes from the conference which you can find here: Liv's must watch list:
General Session featuring David Hume KennerlyFamilySearch App for Intermediate/Advanced Users: Todd PowellWha…

RootsTech Recap: #LivAtRootsTech bringing RootsTech to Life for Ya'll

With all the craziness our world is experiencing I'm thrilled to write this post, first of all because it helps me remember simpler times (I'm a mom of 4 children--now doing school at home), but also because it just makes me so grateful that RootsTech was able to happen before things got too crazy with this virus situation.

I thought it might be fun to bring you RootsTech from the perspective of a presenter, ambassador, and someone who just LOVES ROOTSTECH!! Hopefully this will help my friends and family see why I spend so much time preparing for, promoting and borderline obsessing over the conference every year; but also hopefully it will provide a glimpse of the conference for those #NotAtRootsTech and another opportunity to reminisce for those who did attend. So let's do this...
Day 1: Tuesday
RootsTech starts a little earlier for me each year. With the introduction of the presenters social and as a first time ambassador being invited to the ambassador dinner, I got to…

RootsTech 2020 Class Materials: Tell Your Story: Be Modern, Creative & Unique

Tell Your Story: Be Modern, Creative & Unique
SLIDES for SHARING ONLINE: Tell Your Story (Class)

Create your free trial of Vyond here.

Class Materials

Blank Script for "Meet Gradma/Grandpa _______"
Project 1 (During Class) + Script "Meet ____" for Class Project
Project 2 (Take-Home Project)
Vyond Shortcuts & Studio Layout

Not interested in making your own?
I'll make it for you, check out Liv's Animations for more details.

RootsTech 2020 Class Materials: Engaging the Family in Telling Your Family Stories

Engaging the Family in Telling Your Family Stories
Class Materials:

Other Links:
Liv's Animations

RootsTech 2020 Class Materials: Essential Tools for the Hobbyist Genealogist

Essential Tools for the Hobbyist Genealogist

As promised...thanks for coming, let me know if you have any questions,

Class Materials:

Discount Code for ClanView - CV20

RootsTech for Newbies: Packing & Attending the Conference

RootsTech for Newbies: Packing & Attending the Conference Part 3 of 3 See Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

RootsTech is quickly approaching, so let's dig in to the last minute prep as well as the advice I have for newbies while at the conference.

PACKING A list of things to consider, followed by a few recommendations as you pack your bags for RootsTech.
Weather: Salt Lake weather duringRootsTech can range from mild winter days in the 50s to sub-freezing daytime high temps, so pack warm clothes and layers. They do keep the conference center at comfortable temperatures so it's just getting to and from the building as well as to and from any other plans you have made that you'll need the extra layers.
Activities: RootsTech will keep you completely busy, but we discussed some other options in the last post. That said, be sure to keep all of these extra-curriculars in mind when packing.
Meals: The Salt Palace has several food options, but lines can get long and honestly, if you&#…